“This is the problem of some (or most) people in our society. They think life is a race. People are socially conditioned by unrealistic requirements and standards. Hello, its already 2019.

Its okay for people to graduate college at 28 years old. Marry at 23 years old. Be 50 years old, still no own house but well traveled. Accomplished in life but no kids. Started menstruating at 15 instead of 11. Not having a smartphone even if you are in college already. Not having the 12 round fruits during New Year’s eve. Didnt have a grand debut party at 18. Have a family but have no car. Have never been kissed at 21 years old.

Some arrive at work late, some come early. We all have our own road bumps and hindrances during our journey.

PLEASE. Life is not a race. Life is not a competition. STOP THE COMPARISON. Dont let make other people feel they cant keep up with the invisible race our unrealistic fellows created. Lets not make people question their life just because we are a bit of ahead of them.

Its not only about the destination, its also about the journey. We complain about how rotten the society is but can we ask ourselves first? Am I a part of the problem or part of the solution? It’s up to you.

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Thinking about ending my life

I’m thinking about ending my life. I can’t handle the financial situations of my family. My mom purchased a house and lot and condominium under my name. But she wasn’t enable to pay it on time every month. I got a letter from the company that if I will unable to pay this sum of amount, then they will cancel the contract. It’s so frustrating that I cannot do anything about it. It wasn’t idea on the first place. My name is ruined and I’m still 23 for godsake! The financial loan in Homecredit also is bothering me endlessly because my mom wants me to loan under my name because we have some financial problems. She promised me that she will pay it. The homecredit loan have almost 50% interest! Wow! I’m still in gradschool and I am jobless. I got laid off last month that’s why I can’t pay some of her debts.

I really don’t have any permanent job since I graduated college because she wants me to work in the government. She wants me to pass the Civil Service Examination. I quit my first job to review and take that exam and I failed. I got bored at home and I went for some interview and I got accepted on my 2nd job. I took the exam again and I failed. I quit after 9 months because my mother said that my low paying job will not help me in the future. So I quit and took the exam again for fourth attempt and I failed. I studied for another type of Civil Service exam for 4 months. I was so fraustrated and I try to find a job again. Then I got accepted on my 3rd job. I took the different kind of Civil Sevice and I passed on my 1st attempt! I was so happy! Then I tried to apply in the Government but I failed on the neuropsychiaric exam. I will wait for 6 months to take the exam again. Then I got laid off on work. It means I’m jobless now because of the econominc circumtances of my country.

I can’t explain what I am feeling today. Maybe I’m depressed or something? At this age I can’t handle the millions of debt that I have because my mother promised me to pay the house and lot and condominium.! I’m angry because she belittle my job in the corporate world and now I’m suffering because I don’t have any income. I tried to find a job again for the 4th time but it’s really tough now because of my short employment history. I hate her for making my self esteem lower! I also hate my life! I did everything to passed that exam but still I feel worthless. I hate her for being to ambitious and greedy. It makes all of us (siblings) suffer! I just want a simple life. Even if we are poor and no financial obligations to anyone. I just want to live in a peaceful life 😢.

I don’t want to pretend that I am rich. I just really want to have an average and simple life.

Now I am thinking of ending my life to end my suffering 😢

I can’t do this anymore.

Career Shift – Life Calling

It’s been few months since I posted my last blog. I was busy working for the whole 8-9 months. The job was okay. But I wasn’t happy for the people I have encountered. I hate them so much that I want to burn them on hell. They are very complicated and I just want to have revenge on them. But I can’t. I’m just a lowly employee with low paying entry level job. I’ve been graduated 2 years ago but life seems to be tough. Why can’t I be happy? Simple, because people are blocking my happiness. They made me realize that my profession wasn’t for me after all. I decided to quit one day to focus on my childhood dream. People don’t seem understand why I quit. I wasn’t happy. I want something more. I want something that I really deserve. At the end of the day, I’m tired, lonely and unsatisfied. Tomorrow will be another day for hell. Moody boss, complaining clients, complicated co-workers. It’s hard to control them. So I just cry on the one side and cannot do nothing at all. I went for an interview for another job but soon as I signed the contract, I realized the profession wasn’t for me after all. Then I back out and I decided to study for another new beginning of career. I hope that one day I’ll be successful in choosing another field.



-Ameri Sooji