Career Shift – Life Calling

It’s been few months since I posted my last blog. I was busy working for the whole 8-9 months. The job was okay. But I wasn’t happy for the people I have encountered. I hate them so much that I want to burn them on hell. They are very complicated and I just want to have revenge on them. But I can’t. I’m just a lowly employee with low paying entry level job. I’ve been graduated 2 years ago but life seems to be tough. Why can’t I be happy? Simple, because people are blocking my happiness. They made me realize that my profession wasn’t for me after all. I decided to quit one day to focus on my childhood dream. People don’t seem understand why I quit. I wasn’t happy. I want something more. I want something that I really deserve. At the end of the day, I’m tired, lonely and unsatisfied. Tomorrow will be another day for hell. Moody boss, complaining clients, complicated co-workers. It’s hard to control them. So I just cry on the one side and cannot do nothing at all. I went for an interview for another job but soon as I signed the contract, I realized the profession wasn’t for me after all. Then I back out and I decided to study for another new beginning of career. I hope that one day I’ll be successful in choosing another field.



-Ameri Sooji