Career Shift – Life Calling

It’s been few months since I posted my last blog. I was busy working for the whole 8-9 months. The job was okay. But I wasn’t happy for the people I have encountered. I hate them so much that I want to burn them on hell. They are very complicated and I just want to have revenge on them. But I can’t. I’m just a lowly employee with low paying entry level job. I’ve been graduated 2 years ago but life seems to be tough. Why can’t I be happy? Simple, because people are blocking my happiness. They made me realize that my profession wasn’t for me after all. I decided to quit one day to focus on my childhood dream. People don’t seem understand why I quit. I wasn’t happy. I want something more. I want something that I really deserve. At the end of the day, I’m tired, lonely and unsatisfied. Tomorrow will be another day for hell. Moody boss, complaining clients, complicated co-workers. It’s hard to control them. So I just cry on the one side and cannot do nothing at all. I went for an interview for another job but soon as I signed the contract, I realized the profession wasn’t for me after all. Then I back out and I decided to study for another new beginning of career. I hope that one day I’ll be successful in choosing another field.



-Ameri Sooji


3 thoughts on “Career Shift – Life Calling

    • Thank you for your comment! I am planning to go back to college to pursue my second bachelor’s degree. I want to join the law enforcement field. Basically my family is supporting me to reach my dream to join in law enforcement.

      I just hate serving my boss because of some wrong decisions and because of that my name in the company is being destroyed. Some people are mad at me because I’m obeying my boss decisions. I realized that I want to serve the people, not my corporate boss. Office job is making me old and fat. No time for exercise, healthy meals, body movement, because I can’t get out of my cubicle.

      One month from now and I’m out of my private company.


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      • That is great! I am excited for you. I totally understand the whole cooperate vibe thing. It can be very frustrating. (At least according to kdramas…lol…jk…sort of) It is nice that your family can support you for this.


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