K-DRAMA: Escaping to Reality

April 16. 2015

The Philippine national television introduced me to Korean Drama or K-Drama. I remembered way back 2003 when I was 8 years old in my 3rd grade the first ever korean drama in ABS-CBN that I had ever watched was Lovers in Paris. The story was totally amazing and I really had no idea who were the actors and actresses. I thought they were chinese because the only country that I’d know that time was USA and China but later on I found out that they were Koreans. That was the first time I became familiar in that country. It is a country that divided into half, North and South. Most korean dramas are from South Korea. My mon and sister got addicted on watching korean drama in TV so my mom started to buy pirated dvds in divisoria (I know its illegal but that time the government didn’t inspect pirated dvds seriously). One dvd per episode in one dvd case. It was really expensive but few years later one dvd can fit 16 or 20 episodes. My mom wants to know the story first before it was aired in the TV. We spent whole day watching korean dramas because the story are exciting (that’s when my eyes started to become blurry ). I was in elementary school at that time and I didn’t know in the future that I’ll be using k-dramas in stress relievers and escaping into reality.

Life is seem so hard that you feel like you don’t want to live anymore. During high school, my classmates were teasing me because I am addicted on watching k-drama. They said it was corny and boring. How can they said those things if they didn’t even try watching the whole complete episodes before they judged it. Yes some are corny and boring but at the end of the drama you will learn some lessons. You can also learn their basic korean language like annyeonghasaeyo, saranghaeyo, oppa, ahjumma, etc. At school, it is stressful to go home with homework and projects especially in studying quizzes and exams. After my study I feel like my brain is draining so the next thing that I will be going to do is to watch k-drama and forget those useless things that I’m doing in school because it’s really stressful. In the world of K-drama, I feel like I am the protagonist that having a journey in my life and feeling like a God because I know exactly what’s happening overall. After the drama ends, There is only a one question on my mind, “What am I going to do with my life now?” It’s hard to move on especially when the drama is really beautiful. Back to reality, It sucks right?

Their’s no knight and shining armour that will make your life colorful and many villain surrounds you like fake friends when they only needed you if they need something. You like someone but doesn’t even like you back. Somebody likes you but you don’t like him/her because he/she doesn’t passed your k-drama leading man/lady standards. I want to go back to my unrealistic world… T_T . A man that is famous, smart, handsome, tall, white, killer smile, cool, knows how to handle girls well, smells good, gentleman, rich, good man, blah blah blah….. Most of the traits that I listed never really exist in the reality! LOL. Besides, it’s impossible for a rich and handsome men would fall in love with me if i’m not pretty or rich just like them. Class A to Class A, Class A to Class B, but not Class A to Class F. We can only see those things in the world of K-Drama. I feel fraustrated after I found out that it was impossible for a “Perfect Man” to fall in love with me. Handsome and cute guys keep ignoring me while creepy guy likes me. It’s the true for most of us and we can’t deny it.

So i’m still trying to live in my unrealistic world because it makes me happy and perfect without anybody judging my oblong face, small height and big boned body. Just staying at home and relaxing while watching korean drama and fantasizing my dream man.



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