2 Years absent and I’m back

I’d been absent for two years in this blog and I didn’t keep my promise to update in this blog. The reason why I’ve been absent for two years is because I got a job in a small company as an accounting staff. At first it was hard because I was still a fresh grad at that time. It took me 6 months to fully understand the operation of the company. It was difficult to be around with some other people because they keep on gossiping you. It was a horrible experience for me. I thought working alone will give you a great experience in the real world but it’s not. Their are people who still wants to let you down no matter what. Their are your colleagues and boss. I hated the fact that they are destroying you while you were working your ass off to satisfy their needs in the company. They were also mingling with your personal life. They should mind their own business and keep being busy on their personal life as well, not interfering other people’s life. So I decided to resigned for peace of mind. Now I’m back in this blog to share what I had wrote on my notebook two years ago. I knew from the start that my hobby was writing and sharing my personal thoughts and experiences. I’m currently unemployed now and reviewing for my civil service exam. I failed in my first attempt and I’ll take an exam for the second time. I hope I’ll pass for the second time. Working in a private company is useless. Really. I want to work in the government to have a stable job and security of tenure. So I can live peacefully 🙂 That’s all I want from now. Please Lord Help me 😊.


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