Types of Professors

  1. Very strict that you cannot breathe on his/her class.
  2. Fast in teaching
  3. Reading books in front of the class for the whole period
  4. Kind (they said)
  5. Very good in teaching and give grades that you deserved
  6. Good in teaching but boring
  7. Always assigns topic to report
  8. Making student hope for nothing
  9. Give quizzes without teaching
  10. Always absent then give quizzes and exam immediately when he/she is present
  11. Favoritism
  12. Teaching topics that are out of the world
  13. Smart but doesn’t know how to teach
  14. Extremely good in teaching and everybody in the class can understand
  15. Good in teaching but gives hard quizzes and exams but adjusting the grades
  16. Fast in teaching that you don’t know what he/she is discussing already
  17. Always have competition in recitation
  18. Gives very high grades but you will be scolded first
  19. Not generous in grades
  20. Has low voice in delivering lectures that it will make you sleep
  21. Always teaching but students don’t listen because it’s not interesting
  22. Giving bonuses
  23. Teach life experience instead of the topic in the syllabus
  24. Generous in giving grades
  25. Discussing dirty things and jokes
  26. Very religious
  27. Meeting every quizzes
  28. Talkshit
  29. Wants to know about students personal lives
  30. Reading power point until the class ends
  31. Giving out of the world quizzes
  32. Making jokes that isn’t funny
  33. Very boring lectures
  34. Giving one grade higher
  35. Every student loves him/her
  36. Tell personal life to the students
  37. Telling funny jokes that will surely makes you laugh
  38. Very strict but at the end very generous in giving grades
  39. Telling students useless things
  40. Gay/ Lesbian
  41. Doesn’t care about students cheating
  42. Doesn’t know the correct grammar
  43. Green Minded
  44. Very kind to all including on giving grades
  45. Hurting the feelings of students but not apologizing
  46. Kind at first but the end very evil
  47. The whole students in the university hates him/her
  48. Likes to embarrass students
  49. Single Blessedness
  50. Memory Loss
  51. A professor that will change your views in life
  52. A professor that will make your semester miserable
  53. A professor that will make you relax and think that you can have good grades at first but in the end of the semester you’re wrong
  54. Has considerations
  55. Crush ng bayan
  56. Poker Face
  57. A professor that will make fun of your physical appearance
  58. Will treat you as a friend outside the class
  59. Always telling reminders
  60. Will text you at the end of the semester to give you a chance to complete your requirements
  61. Doesn’t really care on you no matter what
  62. Guessing students grades (“Fortune Tellers”)

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